About our Farm

Jack and Gladys Ayars, originally from Kansas, made their way to Ohio to begin Land of Living Farm. Traveling the country by train, the couple had seen enough of the Dust Bowl in Kansas and eventually decided to settle in Mechanicsburg, where lush green grass and pastures were, for them, the 'land of living things'.

The farm that we currently live on is just down the road from the original homestead, and we kept the farm name as homage to our roots. Our purebred dairy cattle involvement has been a part of each of our childhoods. Bonnie grew up with Jerseys, and John and his family showed Guernseys all his life.

Our true passion is the pursuit of life's experiences. The cow is the vehicle, but social interaction is the true meaning. Our life stories are based on those we have interacted with. We have pursued many interests, and attempted to do a good job at all of them. The event center is our newest interpretation for educating consumers about our lifestyle - not the science of it, but the passion and emotional connections we feel toward the land and our cows.

To see more about our farm, download our brochure!

Take a Tour!

We would love for you to come tour our farm. Our tours can be customized for school groups, but each tour will highlight our event center, the free stall and maternity barns, the calf barns, our milking parlor and box stall barn, and our ice cream room. We'll wrap up the tour with our premium vanilla ice cream, as well!

Rent our Event Center!

If you're planning a family gathering or celebration, our new event center is the place to be! With a fully-stocked kitchen and seating for up to 200, as well as big-screen TVs, the event center is ready to play host to your event.